About Us

Translate — Handwoven Ikat

Translate’ is a concept Apparel and Home Textile Design company in India that empowers regional Ikat artisans in transforming the traditional hand-loom weaving to contemporary outfits and home accessories.                                                                                                                                                                      
The primary focus of ‘Translate’ is to revive the age-old traditional art of Ikat; bringing it to a larger audience through weaving, designing, producing and retailing. ‘Translate’ plays a role in its own way, creating awareness for India’s rich heritage in handlooms through its sustainable, innovative, functional and sensible ready-to-use Ikat products.

'Translate’ primarily focuses on warp, weft and double Ikat that is almost on the brink of extinction. The outfits are classic, minimalistic with attention to detail and have more emphasis on effortless styling. All textiles at ‘Translate’ are hand-woven by our team of trained weavers and exclusively designed for each collection. All textile are specially treated with VAT dye to make the wearable skin friendly and pre-washed, softened to ensure they are very comfortable for every day wear.


‘Translate’ is co-founded in 2010 by the entrepreneur duo Vinita and Vikas Passary using artisanal fabrics that spell luxury. Vinita, brings her experience in fashion and retail with her much admired contemporary fashion store ‘Anonym’. Her talent lays in creating the perfect synergy of revolutionary patterns and immaculate tailoring, coming up with designs that suits the classics and contemporary in equal. Vinita is exploratory, and self-taught, a unique strength that gives her the user perspective and differentiates her as a fashion and textile designer among her peers. Vinita's commitment to revive arts fused with unrelenting attention to quality and detail has helped carve her space successfully in the clothing industry. Whereas Vikas Passary, a successful restauranteur and a passionate art-lover contributes through his business acumen.

Our People

‘Translate’ is also a brain share of like minded people. Bangalore based designer Chandrasekhar — a revivalist by his approach finds details and styles that are approachable and easy to wear. His genius lies in exploring the hand-woven patterns and translating them to the most contemporary outfits. More than 15 family of weavers work with ‘Translate’ all year around experimenting with the new designs and patterns to make every product that you use of ‘Translate’ is unique.